PC-PBT (HT-UV-IMPACT) 1,75mm Black 0,5kg

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PC-PBT (HT-UV-IMPACT) is a filament for industrial and automotive applications. The material has been modified for impact strength and heat resistance, and filled with an anti-UV stabiliser. The addition of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) to Polycarbonate means less deformation on 3D printed parts than pure PC.

The material is easier to print than PC and most common PC-ABS blends, does not emit unpleasant odours during printing, has relatively low shrinkage for this group of materials (up to 1%) and very good adhesion to the table. Its excellent mechanical properties, very good impact strength and flexibility, combined with the ability to be used outdoors (UV resistant) and the ability to operate at high temperatures (90-110°C) make it an excellent construction material with a wide range of applications.

In terms of both impact strength and temperature resistance, the material performs better than the popular PET-G and ABS, while it is easier to print than PC and PC-ABS.


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