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BioCREATE 1,75mm 1kg

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BioCreate from ROSA3D is characterized by simplicity in printing comparable almost to PLA. The material has a working temperature resistance up to 120°C, which is much higher than PLA, and a low level of shrinkage when printed, thanks to which it can be printed in an open device, unlike ABS.

BioCrate filament is made of a biopolymer consisting of 100% natural and 100% renewable raw materials. They decompose in the natural environment under anaerobic conditions (compost) in up to 12 weeks. BioCreate has a wide range of applications, from machine parts, through decorative elements, dishes, to use in creating toys and furniture. Printouts from BioCreate can be subjected to mechanical treatment (grinding, turning, drilling, etc.) and painting. BioCreate is approved for contact with food.

Recommended printing temperature 200 - 240°C.

Recommended table temperature: 60-80°C.

Attention ! The material slightly increases in volume as it flows out of the nozzle, it's possible that you will have to reduce the flow / outflow settings by a few percent to get the best side surface of your printout.


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