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Flex 96A is a technical TPU filament. It can be used wherever elements resistant to chemical reagents and mechanical damage are needed. Printouts made of this material can be squeezed and stretched many times without damaging the original shape. The material is characterized by both excellent interlayer adhesion and adhesion to many work tables.

Application examples:

  • gaskets, bumpers, anti-vibration dampers / feet, housings;
  • orthoses;
  • smartphone cases;
  • components for drones;
  • components for RC cars.


Filament Flex 96A is a thermoplastic polyurethane for intermediate users of 3D printers. It will be perfect for people who want to start their adventure with printing flexible materials. The ROSA-Flex 96A filament is hard enough to be printed even on printers with Bowden feeding. In addition, it does not require a closed chamber and will easily stay on many work surfaces (e.g. glass, smooth PEI, textured PEI).

After selecting the optimal printer settings, the prints show excellent adhesion and resistance to mechanical damage. They can be squeezed and stretched many times without permanently disturbing their original shape. In addition, dipping them in vinegar or engine oil does not cause any visible changes. The full chemical resistance table can be found here ("downloads" section).

What's more, the Flex 96A filament was made of ingredients approved for contact with food. In the case of products that come into contact with food, certification is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the final product.

Recommended Flex 96A printing parameters:

  • extrusion temperature 210-250 ° C
  • bed temperature: 50-70 ° C
  • supply: 0-100% (depends on the geometry of the model)
  • printing speed: 15-50 mm / s (we recommend starting slowly and gradually trying to increase the speed)
  • compatible work tables: glass, smooth PEI, textured PEI.

Filament can be printed on printers with Direct and Bowden feeding. It does not require a closed chamber. The material has good adhesion to the above-mentioned working surfaces, but in case of problems, we recommend the use of adhesive preparations.


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